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Gi Classes

We have a wide variety of classes available to cover each one of our student’s needs. Our class timetable is split into our general classes of easy, medium and hard difficulty levels to cover beginner to advanced Jiu Jitsu where we are always grading our students. Using our training methodology and techniques to logically build your Jiu Jitsu knowledge and game, you will be able to progress through the levels at a speed which is best for you! From brand new starters right through to professional fighters we’ve got you covered!

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No-Gi Classes

No-Gi is Jiu Jitsu without the kimono (BJJ suit). It is very similar to Jiu Jitsu in the Gi and both can be used to compliment each other. No-Gi is great for the self defence aspects of Jiu Jitsu. It’s a lot more fast paced that Gi and great for fitness. Combining both Gi and No-Gi will help you become a well-rounded complete grappler.

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Although we have takedowns in Jiu Jitsu, we also have Judo classes to run alongside. Judo is a powerful martial art which specialises in bringing the action to the ground efficiently. Our regular Judo class is ran by a high level black belt instructor and also has the option to grade in Judo. Judo is traditionally in the Gi but can easily be adapted to No-Gi too.

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Ladies Only

There are many benefits for women to train with men, but sometimes it’s just better for girls to train with each other. We have opened a spot on our time table solely for women. This is really helping our ladies squad come on leaps and bounds. It’s a very relaxed, friendly but competitive class, where girls can train together and push each other. Any girls out there looking to start Jiu Jitsu, this is definitely the best one to kick off with.

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Kids & Teens

We also have 3 different classes for our kids and teens, which we call Young Eagles: the starter, the main and the teens. Starting from 6 years old, we can build them up until they turn 16 and watch them progress into adult grapplers. There are many success stories of kids in our gym, from some things as simple as kids building self-esteem or just getting a bit fitter, to the national champion competitors. Jiu Jitsu at this point is booming for kids and there are so many opportunities out there. Kids sessions are focused and tough but most of all fun!

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Intro Class

The intro class is perfect for anyone who is curious about Jiu Jitsu and never trained before. It’s a very basic class designed for new members to come along and see what Jiu Jitsu is all about with other likeminded people. It’s a no pressure environment where you can learn the fundamentals at your own pace. The hardest part about starting your Jiu Jitsu journey is getting through the door. Once your on the mats we do the rest.

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Private Tuition

Private classes are available daily with various instructors for various rates to suit your needs. Maybe the class environment doesn’t appeal to you, or you would like a more bespoke style of instruction? In that case private classes would be ideal. They can be booked in small groups or one to one. Feel free to get in touch to book.

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We have a wide range of classes that cater from complete beginners to advanced international competitors. The classes are inclusive of people who want to use BJJ for lifestyle and self-defence, right up to professional fighters. There is a level of class for everyone! See above for full details on all out classes.

Private sessions can be arranged with our various instructors and start from £25 per hour.

Visit our sign up page to start your membership. The membership is paid on the 3rd of each month by direct debit.

View our latest timetable on our Facebook page as our timetables are subject to change. Our Facebook page is also the best place to get updates on anything club related.

We no longer run free trial classes. However if you want to try us before committing to a full membership, you can pay £5 for an introduction class. View our sign up page for more details.

214 Rothbury Terrace, Heaton, NE65DE. Next door to Infinity Car Care and Heaton Park coach works.

For No-Gi, shorts and t-shirt and any compression gear/rashguard or whatever you feel comfortable training in. For Gi, (judo suit) you will need a gi and an Alliance club gi is preferred. Also bring a bottle of water to class.

We have a range of Alliance BJJ equipment available to purchase at the gym.

Alliance Jiu-Jitsu is the most successful competitive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team in the world. Alliance is constantly inventing new methods and techniques for teaching Jiu-Jitsu so we can offer you the very best quality product possible.

We've cultivated a really comfortable and welcoming club environment at Alliance Newcastle. Everyone is welcomed as part of the team no matter where you come from or what you do. If you're worried you won't be good enough, just remember that everyone starts off not knowing what they're doing and you'll be training with people of similar ability to you or someone who used to be your level. Just read our testimonials below and you'll see what a comfortable atmosphere we have here.

Of course you can, there is no prerequisite fitness level to train with us, and in fact your fitness levels, strength and body composition will dramatically improve from training with us.

Yes, our coaches are always evaluating your performance during training. The more you train and the more sessions you come to the faster you will progress. You start on a white belt, earn stripes on each belt and progress to blue, purple, brown then black belt.

Yes, we regularly enter into competitions as a team for those of you training who want to scratch that competitive itch. You can visit our Facebook page to see updates on competitions and results.

Sure, have a good read of our about us page and this page first, then if you still have unanswered questions visit our contact page to ask us a question.

How our current members have benefitted...

"Fantastic gym with some amazing coaches. Fun and friendly atmosphere for hobbyists and a serious competition drive for those striving to achieve more. I was made to feel welcome and part of something bigger from the moment I stepped through the door."

– Aj Pegram

"Being a female I was nervous to join a new gym in a largely male dominated sport but the atmosphere at alliance is super friendly, everyone was so welcoming and having the ladies only class to try first was a nice way to ease into the new environment. The coaches are incredibly helpful and considerate and a pleasure to learn from. Highly recommend!"

– Francesca Rombi

"Trained at Alliance for 3 years now and it has been one of the best decisions I have made. The coaching is exceptional. The people are all friendly and welcoming and they have classes to suit all levels. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about starting their journey in Jiu Jitsu or moving from another club."

– Andre McFarlane

"Coaches are amazing at what they do and it’s always an inclusive and friendly environment for all levels. Best place to go to learn and train."

– Rachel Williamson

"I've been fortunate enough to train at a lot of gyms all around the world and Alliance Newcastle has the highest standard across the board, coaching, skill level and gym atmosphere. Chris runs an amazing gym and if you're just starting out, Alliance is the place to go as everyone who trains there seems to develop exceedingly well compared to most gyms!"

– Glenn Paul

"The best place to train. Caters for everyone from absolute beginner to those that want to compete. Top level teaching from Chris and the coaches. All members are mega friendly and always willing to help you out if you don't understand the techniques. Theres also chances to attend seminars and train with world champions and legends of BJJ which is an unreal experience."

– James Milner

"The introduction to Jiu Jitsu classes Alliance hold are a godsend. I was out of shape and overweight so wasn't sure if I was fit enough to start Jiu Jitsu. The intro class shows you exactly what BJJ and the classes consist of and allow you to greatly increase your confidence that you are able to undertake this fantastic martial art. Anyone on the fence or nervous about starting Jiu Jitsu I strongly recommend you give this intro class a go."

– Anthony Goodman

"Couldn't recommend enough, excellent coaching and great content included in the session. My son also loves the kids classes! Any one who is questioning whether to start just do it! Best thing you will do."

– Kyle Patterson

"Without doubt the single best thing I have done to improve my physical and mental health was to join Alliance. Great, knowledgeable instructors and an excellent place for people of all ages and abilities to learn and train. I wish I had have started sooner."

– Lee Eckert

"Started Jiu Jitsu here a few months ago and couldn't recommend the place enough. Modern gym with great coaches and a great atmosphere, look no further for a Jiu Jitsu gym in Newcastle."

– Ryu Coupe

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