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Why train with us?

No gi jiu jitsu training - female versus male

Learn how to defend yourself

Learn how to fight and how to defend yourself, through live demonstrations, drilling new techniques and sparring with a range of people and ability levels.

Two jiu jitsu trainees smiling and fist bumping each other

Friendship and community

Train, socialise and unwind with like-minded people from a range of different backgrounds. Alliance Jiu Jitsu brings people together and breaks down barriers.

A jiu jitsu competiton and fighter showing resilience and toughness

Discipline and toughness

Improve your mental and physical toughness by pushing yourself, setting yourself goals and improving your strength and fitness.

Teenager receiving a new stripe on their jiu jitsu belt showing progression of the martial art

Learn, grow and grade

Progress through the different belts, graded by our qualified coaches, as you learn to be a better jiu jitsu practitioner and a more well-rounded confident person.

No gi jiu jitsu training - female versus male


Develop your competitve edge, test your abilities and reach new levels of jiu jitsu by taking part in regular team competitions and events, organised by the club.

Two people jiu jitsu sparring smiling and hi-fiving during roll.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself

Most of all, we want you to come to class, enjoy yourself, and go home feeling great. Alliance jiu jitsu gives you the relief of blowing off stress in a fun and friendly environment. We strive to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable at our club!

Who are we?


Alliance Jiu Jitsu Newcastle is an approved affiliate of one of the most prominent Brazilian jiu jitsu associations in the world - Alliance Jiu Jitsu.

Founded in 1993 by Romero "Jacaré" Cavalcanti, Fabio Gurgel and Alexandre Paiva, Alliance is recognized as one of the best Jiu Jitsu schools in the world. It’s a reference not just for technique but for professionalism by all of the teachers throughout the world. Alliance has hundreds of leaders in the world of jiu jitsu, with more than 60 world champions. Today, there are more than 300 affiliates worldwide. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you will be able to train in an Alliance academy.
The 3 founders of Alliance Jiu Jitsu - Romero "Jacaré" Cavalcanti, Fabio Gurgel and Alexandre Paiva

The team

Head coach of Alliance Jiu Jitsu Newcastle - Chris Short

Chris Short, Head Coach

The head coach of Alliance Newcastle, Chris, was promoted to a black belt in 2019 in Brazil by Alliance co-founder Alexandre Paiva after initially starting his jiu jitsu journey with Alliance in 2015.

"Jiu Jitsu is a massive part of me and my life. I've trained various physical activities over the years and nothing comes close to the workout that BJJ can give you in my opinion. Not only is it physically tough, but also works out the brain at the same time. There really is nothing like it! I love to compete, and train everyday with all of my students at our gym. The best days are when you're feeling unmotivated but go and have a really hard class, dig deep, forget about your outside problems and have a laugh with your friends - you feel instantly refreshed."

Favourite part of coaching: Watching hundreds of students change their lives for the better through Jiu Jitsu.

Favourite part of the club: Meeting so many amazing friends and students.

Favourite move: Cross collar choke and Lasso guard.

Assistant coach and Alliance Jiu Jitsu Newcastle - John Craig

John Craig, Assistant Coach

"I started BJJ in my mid-thirties after 30 years of playing football. It challenges me physically and mentally, and has improved my self-discipline and work ethic, which has carried over into other aspects of my life"

Favourite part of coaching: Watching students overcome their struggle.

Favourite part of the club: A great team spirit and intensity level, yet remaining very friendly and supportive.

Favourite move: Triangle choke.

Assistant coach and Alliance Jiu Jitsu Newcastle - Steven Alcock

Steven Alcock, Assistant Coach

"I can’t imagine my life without Jiu Jitsu. It’s played a huge role in my life. It’s helped me keep a level head and has led me on a good path over the years."

Favourite part of coaching: Helping students with certain situations and seeing them land it in training.

Favourite part of the club: Training with your mates and no one feeling left out regardless of skill, who you are or where you’re from.

Favourite move: Faria Sweep and an armbar from technical mount.

Assistant coach and Alliance Jiu Jitsu Newcastle - Ross Lowery

Ross Lowery, Assistant Coach

"Jiu jitsu is a very big part of my life, its a routine now. It helps me focus on a day to day basis and keep me on track as well as keeping me fit."

Favourite part of coaching: Watching people develop and evolve into better jiu jitsu fighters from young to old.

Favourite part of the club: Support from the fighters, coaches and Alliance board, all here for the same thing with no egos.

Favourite move: Arm bar from all angles. Also loves a "good flying triangle"...

Come find us

We offer classes for all genders, age ranges and skill levels - from complete beginners to advanced black belts and pro athletes.

We cover all aspects of Jiu Jitsu - from takedowns using judo, gi and no-gi grappling, sparring and basics beginner classes.

Never tried jiu jitsu before? We offer an introduction class you can try before buying a membership, just bring £5 to class. View our sign up page for more details.

How our current members have benefitted...

"Fantastic gym with some amazing coaches. Fun and friendly atmosphere for hobbyists and a serious competition drive for those striving to achieve more. I was made to feel welcome and part of something bigger from the moment I stepped through the door."

– Aj Pegram

"Being a female I was nervous to join a new gym in a largely male dominated sport but the atmosphere at alliance is super friendly, everyone was so welcoming and having the ladies only class to try first was a nice way to ease into the new environment. The coaches are incredibly helpful and considerate and a pleasure to learn from. Highly recommend!"

– Francesca Rombi

"Trained at Alliance for 3 years now and it has been one of the best decisions I have made. The coaching is exceptional. The people are all friendly and welcoming and they have classes to suit all levels. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about starting their journey in Jiu Jitsu or moving from another club."

– Andre McFarlane

"Coaches are amazing at what they do and it’s always an inclusive and friendly environment for all levels. Best place to go to learn and train."

– Rachel Williamson

"I've been fortunate enough to train at a lot of gyms all around the world and Alliance Newcastle has the highest standard across the board, coaching, skill level and gym atmosphere. Chris runs an amazing gym and if you're just starting out, Alliance is the place to go as everyone who trains there seems to develop exceedingly well compared to most gyms!"

– Glenn Paul

"The best place to train. Caters for everyone from absolute beginner to those that want to compete. Top level teaching from Chris and the coaches. All members are mega friendly and always willing to help you out if you don't understand the techniques. Theres also chances to attend seminars and train with world champions and legends of BJJ which is an unreal experience."

– James Milner

"The introduction to Jiu Jitsu classes Alliance hold are a godsend. I was out of shape and overweight so wasn't sure if I was fit enough to start Jiu Jitsu. The intro class shows you exactly what BJJ and the classes consist of and allow you to greatly increase your confidence that you are able to undertake this fantastic martial art. Anyone on the fence or nervous about starting Jiu Jitsu I strongly recommend you give this intro class a go."

– Anthony Goodman

"Couldn't recommend enough, excellent coaching and great content included in the session. My son also loves the kids classes! Any one who is questioning whether to start just do it! Best thing you will do."

– Kyle Patterson

"Without doubt the single best thing I have done to improve my physical and mental health was to join Alliance. Great, knowledgeable instructors and an excellent place for people of all ages and abilities to learn and train. I wish I had have started sooner."

– Lee Eckert

"Started Jiu Jitsu here a few months ago and couldn't recommend the place enough. Modern gym with great coaches and a great atmosphere, look no further for a Jiu Jitsu gym in Newcastle."

– Ryu Coupe

Kick start your new lifestyle and a new level of training – Begin your Jiu Jitsu journey with Alliance Newcastle.
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